2023 Outdoor Season Update

Kevin Bates at Leamington Spa

The outdoor season is nearly over, and it seems to have been a particularly busy one with Walthamstow/Aveling players reaching semi-finals in all four Walthamstow and District competitions, the quarter final of the WEEL, maintaining position in the stop division of the Thursday Fours, and reaching the final in the Walthamstow and District Mixed Triples and the Pairs.

County games weren’t quite as successful as last year, but Kevin Bates reached the second round of the Bowls England Men’s Seniors at Leamington Spa, which is another great achievement.

All that’s left now is the last Thursday Four matches to sort out the final order, the Walthamstow and District Finals on Saturday 2nd September, and our club finals on Saturday 9th September which feature a few first-time finalists.