Local Competitions

We play in a number of competitions through the year. These occur mainly in the summer months on grass and are against other local clubs either in east or north-east London.

Playing in external competitions is entirely optional, and many members will play for years without taking part competitively. But no matter what you’re level, if you want to play in matches against other clubs we will find a place for you. Not everybody will play in every match in a competition but we make sure that those who want to compete, even if just for the experience of it, are able to. Although we all like to win, the main point is to enjoy playing the game.

If you’d like to play in any of the competitions there are usually sign-up forms on the noticeboards a few weeks in advance of each match.

External competitions usually have a dress code which might be “whites” (white trousers or skirt and white shirt or polo shirt with a collar), or “greys” (grey trousers or skirt and white shirt or polo shirt with collar). We also have club shirts available to buy.

The competitions we’re currently playing in or plan to play in for 2022 are:

Mixed Triples

Run by Walthamstow and District Bowling Association, this competition happens on Tuesday afternoons, either away or at home, and consists of one team of three players, and there must be at least one male and one female player in the team each week. The team can change from week-to-week, and due to both availability and the number who want to play in this competition it often does.

The Thursday Fours

No prizes for guessing what day of the week this is on. The competition is run by Walthamstow and District Bowling Association and consists of multiple leagues with teams of four players. Many clubs have multiple teams, often in different leagues, and WBAP currently have two teams. They are usually labelled the A and B teams, but it’s not necessarily the case that the A team of any club is the best one. You will sometimes see a B team in a higher league than an A team (and the club will likely then put its better players in the B team over time.)

The WBAP B-team won this competition in 2021.

The Prescott Cup

This is run by the North London Bowling Thursday Bowling Association and if, like the Thursday Fours, you think you can work out what day of the week the competition is on then you’d be wrong as the Prescott Cup is played on a Saturday afternoon.

Teams consist of three rinks of three (triples), therefore nine players each, with matches loosely alternating between home and away. It’s a very friendly competition and accessible to new bowlers and experienced players alike and a great way to see other local bowling greens.

The club won this competition in 2021.

West Essex and East London League

The Wednesday Evening East London League consists of teams from east London and played on a Wednesday evening at 6pm, there are multiple (small) leagues where each team fields three teams of triples (nine players) for one home match and one away match on separate dates. Points are awarded for wins and the top couple in each of the leagues goes on to play in qualifiers and a final.

As well as the benefit of being one of the few competitions held on a weekday evening and therefore easier to get into for anyone with a job, you also get to see some different bowling greens around east London. Anyone who wants to play in this competition will be able to get a place, with a preference towards those in work who are unable to play in the weekday afternoon competitions.