County and Regional Competitions

Essex County competitions are open to entry by all club members either on an individual or team basis, but are not organised by the club. Entry to these is through the ECBA competitions portal and there is a small fee for each competition entered. Matches are played either home or away (and may be at various locations around Essex) and, as with any competition, even if you don’t expect to win a competition it’s always worthwhile to play against good bowlers from other clubs.

The Walthamstow & District Bowling Association (which runs competitions like the Thursday Fours) also runs competitions on a similar basis, with a list of individual and team competitions available on the website. As with county competitions, it’s up to the individual to enter themselves in singles competitions and to organise any team that would like entry into pairs, triples or fours tournaments. If you’d like to play in a team competition then speak to the club captain and we can see who else might be interesting in joining a team.

We have had reasonable success in the Walthamstow and District competitions over recent years, reaching the triples finals in 2017 and 2019, Kevin Bates winning the singles competition in 2019, and due to play in the postponed pairs final in May 2022 and singles final on the same date. The singles competition is guaranteed to return to WBAP as it is being contested by two current members.